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From: Vicky
Date: 2001-08-25 20:39:00 UTC
Subject: health concern about Buddy

Hi friends,

I am concerned about my ferret, Buddy. First, some background...
Buddy is about 6.5 years old and was given to me in June by a woman
who could not afford to have a cyst on his neck removed. All that
was taken care of in late June and he's totally recovered. The
biopsy revealed that it was a sebaceous epithelioma. Prior to the
cyst, he had no health problems and he has otherwise been healthy and
quite happy after its removal. Buddy is pretty laid-back, but does
have energy to dook and dance with the best of them.

Now the concern... Within the past week or two, I've noticed several
(5+) small blue spots on his anus. The anus is not protruding at
all, but there are spots. Beginning last night, the one looks like
it has become a bump, it's slightly enlarged. Buddy is going to the
vet on September 4th, but I wanted any opinions and suggestions in
the meantime. Just a side note, whatever it is certainly is not
bothering him as he was wardancing today like I've never seen
before. It's also not affecting his potty habits and does not seem
to cause him pain or discomfort... yet.

I am extremely concerned about these spots/bumps because I know
certain things can appear and become problematic within a short
period of time. Any vets or others that have seen this before,
please reply.