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Date: 2001-08-25 20:43:00 UTC
Subject: Oily stomach and Bleeding ears?

Hi there...It's Heather Angevine with Hooked on
Ferrets, ferret rescue and shelter in Albuquerque,

I have a question for you. Have you ever heard of
ferrets sweating? As strange as it may sound, I
received a phone call from a lady who claims that her
ferret's stomach (underside) is wet on a constant
basis. I mentioned to her that he might not be
picking his midriff up while he urinates, but she
claims that he is and that it's sweat, not urine. I
am aware that many ferrets have acne problems - could
this just be overactive cells? Causing his skin to
secrete additional oils? If so, what would cause
this? And what can I tell her to do to help ease the
'wetness' on his poor little tummy.

Also, this same ferret has bleeding clears up while on antibodic ointment, but
is a recurring problem. She has battled the bleeding
ears for almost 8 months now...we're concerned about
the bleeding ears compromising his immune system.

His current veterinarian isn't sure about how to
combat either one of these problems? Any suggestions?


Heather Angevine

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