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From: gpc
Date: 2001-08-26 02:17:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret With High Fever

Dear FHL,
First a big warm thank you for all the people who emailed and
was trying to help my little boy Rocky, I posted not long ago
that he was running a high fever and I have waited to post
again on his condition until I was sure of a few things. Now
he has been without fever for 4-5 days and his stools are
getting better with no more green mucus. He is very weak and
has lost a bit more weight. Once again we have run all sorts
of test from common flu to everything and sadly we cant test
for ECE but the signals he shows does not seem to be this. I
am going to post his blood work results and I hope this will
help and maybe someone knows something we don't. He is almost
one year old, and just came down one day with this fever and
not responding well. Thanks again for all your help, this has
been going on for 2 weeks and he is on Antibiotics and
electrolytes and vet is giving IV of fluids and trying to coat
his stomach as it's a bit torn up from diarrhea and is still
on guarded condition.


ALB <1.0 0.0-0.0 G/DL
ALP 17* 0-0 U/L
ALT 139* 0-0 U/L
AMY <5 0-0 U/L
TBIL 0.4* 0.0-0.0 MG/DL
BUN 11* 0-0 MG/DL
CA++ 6.2* 0.0-0.0 MG/DL
CHOL 188* 0-0 MG/DL
CRE 0.4* 0.0-0.0 MG/DL
GLU 291* 0-0 MG/DL
K+ 3.5* 0.0-0.0 MM0N
TP 4.3* 0.0-0.0 G/DL
GLOB *** 0.0-0.0 G/DL

HEM 0, LIP 2+, ICT 0

The CHOL was high but vet said this was normal due to