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From: tansy
Date: 2001-08-26 22:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: the shelter list

Could we put it up in the files section please?

And to follow up on Ela's comment (good idea btw), our shelters are in
desperate need right now. For instance, Last Chance Ferret Rescue is one of
the few shelters left in the Penn,, NJ and Del area that is still taking in
all ferrets, and right now they are well over a hundred animals. Despite
pleas on several forums such as the FML they have received basically no
response, and Diane and Steve Bodosky are left supporting the shelter on
their own both financially and taking care of the animals.

Unfortunately, I am sure they are not unique. If we don't start seriously
supporting the shelters that we have, and hopefully opening new ones, we are
going to have a health crisis on our hands in the sense that there will be
no one who can take in new ferrets. If that happens the animals will be
released to die or euthanized.

So PLEASE help these shelters! Ela's idea of stamps is great, or how about
an extra bag of food when you buy for your own guys.
Water bottles, hammocks, cage cups....they are all small things but can be a
big help to your local shelter.

So help those shelters guys! thanks! (climbs off soapbox)
> THanks for the reminder, Sukie! And YES, anyone should feel free to pass
> on the Ferret Shelter List to whomever they feel would like a copy. It
> can only benefit the shelters. :->
> Please, if you have a spare minute and a spare dollar, pick a shelter on
> the list and mail them a donation. Or, next time you go to the Post
> Office to get stamps, get a pack for a shelter and mail it to them. They
> need our support. :->
> - Ela
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