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From: Lynn Foster
Date: 2001-08-26 22:38:00 UTC
Subject: thinning ferret and bloody poops

Dear Fellow Ferret lovers:

I am embarrassed and ashamed to report to you that the
"bloody" poops that I witnessed were caused by an overdose of
red jelly candy shaped like feet that Bill discovered when he
snooped around my son's clothing bag back from a two week
holiday at the cottage.
It seems that Bill (son) and Bill (ferret) share a love of
chewy jelly candy. Unfortuntely in ferrets it manifests
itself on the way out as a red dyed poop.
I thank all those who sent cures.....but removing the candy
box from easy ferret access appears to be all the cure needed.

Thank you again and I apologize for being such a dumb ferret