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From: Lynn McIntosh
Date: 2001-08-27 01:43:00 UTC
Subject: Proglycem/diazoxide source needed -- PLEASE HELP

Hi Sukie. I use the commercial Proglycem (diaxozide) made by Baker
Morton. It is chocolate/mint flavor (our ferts like it!) and comes pre-
mixed 50 mg/ml in a 30 ml bottle (a *much* better deal than having it
mixed by the pharmacist). Anyway, Goods Drugs sells it for around
$95 per bottle plus $3.50 shipping. They're in Texas and the shipment
took five days to get to Seattle, but you can ask them to ship it priority
(shouldn't cost more) and that should cut the time to three or four days.
Fed-ex or UPS, whichever they use, is a bit pricey, around $15. The
commercial Proglycem is well preserved so is fine in transit. Also, I've
called the company and talked with my vet and been assured the
preservatives shouldn't harm ferrets nor should the small amount of
alcohol in it (it's used with babies). My pharmacist tech in Seattle
(she's great; she goes to vet conferences!) couldn't beat the diaxozide
price by a long shot though she tried, but their wholesale price is $120.
Goods sells it much less than I've seen it elsewhere.