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Date: 2001-08-27 09:15:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret with loose stools - update

About a week ago I posted a message about Busy Bob, our oldest fellow,
who was having bouts of loose stools. His condition has persisted and
he was starting to act a bit lethargic. So, I had him to the vet
yesterday and they put him on .3cc of Flagyl and a more bland diet (AD
- a soft canned food). He ate a lot for me - over 12cc in one sitting -
and he is still eating on his own, too. Unfortunately, I looked in his
cage this morning and his stools are still really soft (and they have
changed color to a more yellowy-brown amd consistency is a little off
as well). I read in one of the other posts that people have had good
luck with Pepto Bismol for helping to firm up the stools. Any
suggestions on how much I should give him or even if it is appropriate?
Also, maybe I am just expecting a miracle before the medicine has had
time to work - I tend to worry a lot about the little guy, especially
when he was so sick earlier this year with a liver problem. Any
thoughts, ideas, or encouragement would be much appreciated.