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From: Megan
Date: 2001-08-27 09:01:00 UTC
Subject: Breathing Problem

I just wanted to get some opinions here. I went to an emergency vet
last night because my Natasha was breathing funny all day. When I
noticed it in the morning I just thought she had a little something
stuck in there so I gave her petromalt. Well, it got worse towards
the evening and I watched her sleep and she was breathing weird in
her sleep too (tounge hanging a bit out). The vet claimed he did not
hear her breathe like this except maybe once when he took her back to
check her, but I know she was doing was a constant thing. He
said she was a little dehydrated and her belly had discomfort when he
tried to check it. He said he thinks it is a "reverse sneeze" and he
put down on her records that we are treating her for a Gastro-
intestinal problem. He prescribed her .1 ml of cimetidine every 12
hours (not sure for how long) and he said to give her Amoxi (which I
have extra of at home but he also didn't tell me how much of that to
give and for how long. I gave her that Cimetidine for the first time
this morning and she instantly threw it up. She is still breathing
funny (even while she sleeps). I need some major advice. I brought
her in there thinking it was either Cardio or pneumonia or something
and he just said a reverse sneeze. I think it is more then that but
then again I am no doctor. I am also scared about that med he
prescribed her. The lady who brought her out after an injection of
it last night said "She may start foaming at the mouth from this
medicine, that is normal". That scares me. HELP!

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