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From: Michelle D.
Date: 2001-08-27 13:32:00 UTC

I had the EXACT same thing happen to one of my ferrets. I noticed black
spots and (very) thinning hair on his tail. Of course I freaked out and took
him to the vet immediately. Turned out he had a kind of acne, or clogged
pores on his tail due to the oils he produces! My baby boy had blackheads! I
had a very stress relieving laugh at the diagnosis. The vet gave me Sibolux
shampoo to use on him. Now, you have to keep thins on the area for something
like 5-10 minutes... ya, right. Boris is a huge chunker (bulldog) and very
strong. I ended up getting in the shower with him. Any way, he still has the
spots to a point but his fur grew back just fine. It cleared up considerably
after I had him fixed. My spayed female even gets it a little, but not the
hair loss.
This is just my experience. I would still take your little one to the vet to
be safe.

(w/Salem & Boris)

>--- aikizenmonkey@y... wrote:

> >
> > Sherlock's tail fur has thinned out a LOT on his
> > tail, mostly towards
> > the tip and getting thicker towards the tailbase. He
> > also has black
> > speckles all over the skin of his tail. The speckles
> > don't rub off
> > and the hair is thin enough to easily see his skin
> > at tail tip.

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