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From: fur. chaos. weezilarchy.
Date: 2001-08-27 15:40:00 UTC
Subject: *sob* escapees

last night, not only was the battle to keep biscuit with us finally
lost, but 4 of my fuzzy children managed to escape. so far, one has
been found, and i think we are doing everything in our power to find
the other three. but i always said this wouldn't happen *here*--it did.

if ANYONE on this list is in the sarasota, florida area, or knows
anyone who is (about an hour south of tampa), keep your eyes peeled. if
anyone finds a cinnamon-ish ferret who walks funny, a grey and white
spot-headed ferret, or an albino with a slightly bluish spot on his
head, PLEASE contact us immediately at 941.355.7446.

PLEASE feel free to re-post this, complete with my number, on ANY
board, forum, or list you feel might be able to help.

and please, no messages about how we're bad weasel parents, or anything
like that... i don't need help blaming myself or beating myself up. i
can do that well enough on my own. the only thing that's kept me from
completely losing it is knowing that it won't help find them if i'm not
trying to stay fairly sane. so i'm off to hunt for my furkids some

-kat, worried sick and trying to avoid a panic attack.

,',', __
\ `'`,/ \ ()o=;
`'`','`/ . \/ /
( / \" /
\(_ \(_ ferrets may nip, but people just suck.

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