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From: Julie Fossa
Date: 2001-02-20 19:45:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Chordoma

Hi Meighan,
As others have mentioned, the growth on the tip of
the tail probably IS a chordoma. As has already
been mentioned, waiting another month will not be an
You asked what else it might be... the only way to
differentiate between a chordoma, which is rather
common, and a chondrosarcoma (sp) which is
rather rare, is by having the tissue sent out to a lab
to be checked. Chordomas are almost always
benign, but chondrosarcomas are not. I would not
put it off much more than a month, just in case it is
the later.
A little sprite came in with one. It was a
bit larger in diameter than your average Bic
pen. It had not lost the hair over it yet, but
you could see the skin had already begun to take on an
'ulcerated' appearance, once they shaved her for
<P> I have all tissues sent out, since I feel it
gives me a better 'feel' for the future health of the
ferret (for adoption later). You may want
to weigh the value of 'knowing' for sure what it is,
against what your vet will charge for the lab work if
funds are tight right now.
<P>I'm not a vet, but have 'been there'. Good
luck to little Xena, and you!</P>

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