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From: meesh meesh
Date: 2001-08-27 18:50:00 UTC
Subject: meesh: Help: Mighty Mouse is sick/acute

Hi all,
I don't know how many people on the FHL went to the
Ferret Buckeye Bash but I am curious because I think I
may have brought something home to her (and wondered
if anyone else's ferret who was there is ill). That,
or there is another problem that's become acute.
I've been empirically trying sulfasalazine for her
diarrhea and usually hide it in a few mls of baby
food. This a.m. she threw it all up and refused to
eat. She hung her head over the litter box (for her,
a sign of wanting to vomit) and wouldn't stop grinding
her teeth.
I took her to school with me so I could watch her
and try and feed her etc. She would lick a few times
off a tongue depressor with baby food but then refuse
anymore and start grinding her teeth (for up to 10+
minutes). Even if just gave her oral fluids from a
syringe, she would grind her teeth. She acted
depressed, lethargic, ADR (ain't doin' right)-
wouldn't eat or drink on her own at all. Thank god
today was slow and I could watch her carefully. She
never threw up again and she had two poops (not normal
but no different from the last few weeks) which
suprised me since she had not eaten but maybe 10 licks
of baby food all day (which is really bad since her
insulinoma appears to be back). At one point I wasn't
sure if the water bottle leaked in her carrier or if
she urinated on her bedding. She is very depressed and
not doing well. Sadly, the exotics doc was very busy
and never got to see her but I have an appt. for tom.
I gave her SubQ Famotidine, 35 cc of SubQ lactated
ringers and will give a few more ccs later.
It is possible I just brought home a bug from the
show, or from school (a number of people are sick),
but I'm concerned about something more serious. It
dawned on me that Sulfasalazine is a 5-ASA (i.e. a
derivative of Aspirin) and given Mighty Mouse has had
occult blood in her stool (ie bleeding in GI tract)
for at least 8 months now, I'm concerned such a drug
might exacerbate the problem - I am worried about
perforating a bowel.
I haven't been able to temp her. Her heart rate is
260 but she's been stressed at school or when I handle
her so that's not unusual. I have no other clinical
signs, so I don't know that anyone can add much but I
just had to write. Never know, maybe someone else from
the show is experiencing the same thing, or maybe
someone has some idea I have missed.

Michaela Maurice
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ohio State University
Class of 2002

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