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From: kathy gadd
Date: 2001-08-27 22:35:00 UTC
Subject: Is there a site even HALF as excellent as this one for

I thank everyone for their great advice concerning my 8yr.old
guy, "Big Al"[Alas, not as big aas he once was in his
hey-day!]. He is doing MUCH better--gained a little weight, a
little more energy, and lokks more alert. Now, I am also
looking for a site or forum that is even HALF as excellent as
this one for my 3 feline friends[also,orig.abandoned, as Al
was]. Anyone out there have any ideas? My last ferret lived to
be 91/2, and my last cat to be 16--I know that I must be doing
SOME things right--[maybe it is the healthy climate here in
B.C.{Canada}!?!] However, knowledge is a good thing to gain in
any case. Thanks so much again--you are all awesome!