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From: Ferret Fanatic
Date: 2001-08-28 00:32:00 UTC
Subject: cataracts

Strange question here. Ginger is a 5 yr. old female
non-MF ferret. When I adopted her when she was 2 yrs.
old, she had very defined cataracts. They seem to be
fading, not as noticeable. Has anyone any run across
this with one of their ferrets and should I be concerned
maybe with some underlying health problems that may be
causing this?

Vicki L. Henderson-AKA Ferret Fanatic
The Fearless Flo!
Miss Tizzy, Woody, Ginger Snap, Taylor & General Kaos!!
The Furry Felines!
Tygger & Earnhardt!!
Buzz & Jinx, who will always be in our hearts...

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