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From: Robmary June
Date: 2001-03-04 10:49:00 UTC
Subject: Lots of ferret laxative questions...


Is there such a thing as giving too much laxative? Or
maybe, I mean, too often? I use the Marshall's brand
(ferretlax?) usually every other day, year round for
my kids. It's a nice treat and we have two females who
have a rather nasty bedding chewing habit (don't let
Freya near anything chenille!!! She's got great taste.
- ooh, bad pun). Freya also has juvenile lymphoma, and
Strider has adult lymphoma, and got over some sort of
diarrhea problem about a month and a half ago. Can a
ferret laxative/hairball medicine caused increased
complications with any particular diseases/disorders?
If I use the laxative every other day, will it coat
the intestines too much and not allow for proper
absorption of nutrients?
Have I asked nearly enough questions yet?

Oh and also

>Ever seen the villain lower the hero slowly into a
>large vat of pineapple juice to
>die a horrible death? Of course not!

But the image is darn funny!

Mary (and Robert, too)
Furparents of Freya, Trinity, Artemis, and Strider
Watched over by Spawn.

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