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Date: 2001-08-28 08:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Maggie won't eat

Maggie (insulomina and EG) has decided that eating anything other that Gerber Chicken and a/d is unacceptable. The vet put her on z/d which I made into a "duck soup" and mixed with the a/d for the first few days. Now I'm trying to get her on the z/d exclusively and it's not happening. This morning she literally shoved the dish out of my hand with her paw and all the goop spilt down my shirt. I have left a dish of the z/d out for her to eat but Butch has decided it tastes good. Maggie does not share in Butch's gourmet tastes.
Any suggestions would he helpful. I put the goop on my fingers and she turns her head away after a taste or two. I hate the idea of force feeding her if she really hates the stuff.
Connie, Butch (try it, you'll like it), and Maggie (I didn't know your name was Mikey)