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From: Christopher Bennett
Date: 2001-08-28 12:50:00 UTC
Subject: Welcome to the FHL - 1026 members strong

Wow, have we grown. The last time I did this we were at about
800 members. This morning we have 1026. I wanted to take a
moment and welcome everyone who's joined us. In order to keep
the list a manageable size, we do not encourage members to
welcome new members.. in fact we discourage it. I'm always
afraid that it will make the list seem cold to those just
joining us.. but imagine if all 800 people wrote the list to
welcome the last 226... what that would do to your mailbox.
This list is anything but cold, which is evidenced with every
loving answer posted to a parent with a sick ferret.

We also mourn the passing of quite a few this month. Due to
the nature of the list, the morbidity rate is high. The same
issue ... sheer volume... causes us to discourage condolences
and "in deepest sympathy" posts on the list. Please send your
condolences directly to the person who experienced the loss.

Another issue is "for vets to answer only" posts. We view
those as a slap in the face to the wealth of experience from
shelters and breeders and just long long term ferret parents
that makes this list the valuable resource it is. If you want
to post to the list you are inviting anyone on the list to
answer... IF you choose to only read the answers from
licensed vets, that is your loss and you've totally missed the
point and the power that is the FHL. Haven't seen any of these
in a long time, just trying to hit the bases for our newbies
and not so newbies.

This list has become a rich collection of experienced and
caring persons and gone far beyond my wildest dreams when I
first started it. The contribution of our moderation team, who
selflessly give of their time and energy to keep things
running smoothly, the contribution of our membership.. who
tirelessly answer posts from their own experience or
diligently research to find answers to questions. I salute
each and everyone of you for what you have made of the FHL.
You are saving and improving ferret lives and that is awesome!

So, a warm and enthusiastic welcome to everyone and a big
hugglepounce to your ferrets.