Message Number: YG6734 | New FHL Archives Search
From: Pam Sessoms
Date: 2001-08-28 16:05:00 UTC
Subject: Archives searching: new file

Hey everyone,

*putting hair in bun and wearing horn-rimmed glasses*

Librarian-ish newsflash. I just uploaded a guide to searching the FHL
archives into the Files area. It is a slightly-reworked and webbified
version of a post I wrote awhile back. It explains all the gory details
about the mysterious Yahoo! Groups search engine. Mysteries explained:

- Why you can't just type "ECE" into the archives search box and get
a useful result if looking for information about, well, ECE.

- Where the Archives Search feature is in the first place

- Strategies for broadening or narrowing your search as needed

The files are at:

This particular one is called "Archives_Search". Feedback always welcome
- directly to me is probably best to save list space.

(And thanks for the warm welcome to the Moderation team - I was absolutely
floored to have been asked!)

Best wishes,

-Pam S.