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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-08-28 17:04:00 UTC
Subject: ADV

I dread the responses to this.
Most of you know Jojo's story. Came here horribly abused and
malnurished. It was a miracle she survived, and more than she
began to get better.... then stopped getting better.
After running many tests, she was confirmed with organ damage
(mainly liver), adrenal, possible insulinoma and the dreaded
Surgery hasn't been an option due to her weak condition.
Thanks to those who offered an ADV safe home for her, but I
have put that off due to what I was afraid I was seeing.
Sadly, I was right.
She has lost weight, no meds or supplements are helping, she
has grown increasingly weak. She now gets her water in a bowl
because she is too weak to drink from a bottle. She can't even
walk normally anymore.
She is not able to survive surgery for any of the other
problems and it appears the ADV is active now, going by the
symptoms. She is too weak to travel.
The look on her face and my instincts tell me it is time to
let her go in peace. And yet, it is hard for me to say that
because the poor girl has had such a miserable life.... I so
wanted her to know a loving home.
I guess I need some reassurance that it IS time to say goodbye
and the right thing to do.