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Date: 2001-03-04 11:46:00 UTC
Subject: bleeding bump on the shoulder

Hello all,
I'm a new recruit with 4 fabulous fuzzies. (I suppose you won't
believe me if I tell you *mine* are the best in the world!)

Here is my current fert drama:
My pride and joy has a tiny bump on his left shoulder. When I first
noticed it, it was a little raised spot (same pink color as his skin)
about the size of the head of a pin. Then about 3 weeks ago, I saw
this large dark spot on his shoulder(he is a DEW so it is easy to
spot). When I had a look, it was alot of dried blood--that little
tiny spot had bled. I cleaned it up and it healed, and went back to
its normal little bump self.
Then yesterday, when Turlock got up to play, I saw the big dark blood-
spot again! It seems to me that he may scratch it with his hind foot;
tho I have not seen this, it is in a spot on his shoulder where this
would be very possible, tho it does not really seem to bother him.
Well, I've cleaned him up again, and we are going to the vet tomorrow
to have a look at the thing.

I saw some messages on mast cell tumors, but I am only familiar with
these in dogs--where they are pretty bad...but I have no idea what
I'm dealing with here. Seems the idea would be to have it off,
whatever it is.

What do you guys think?
Thanks very much!
Gigi, Turlock, Stasi, Miss Boo and Elvis