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From: Amber
Date: 2001-08-29 00:34:00 UTC
Subject: Nilla update...RAPID improvement...

Just THREE days ago my little Nilla was at the vet since she was very
lethargic, not eating, went from 1.5lbs to a current weight of
0.8lbs, had a drunken walk, bumped into walls and objects, mucousy
stool (for months), and just didnt seem "happy". She was diagnosed
with Insulinoma since her BG was 46. She has been taking 1/4th tablet
of Prednisone every 12 hours since this past Saturday. I cannot tell
you how happy I am to see the improvement this little girl has made
in three short days. It previously took her about 4 days to eat a jar
of chicken baby food mixed with a/d....since she's been on the
Prednisone that has changed dramatically!! She's currently up to 2.5
jars a day!!!! Not only is she eating more..but she's eating
completely on her own (well...i have to supply her with fresh baby
food every couple hours). I also saw her munching on some kibble!!!
it's been forever since she's wanted to eat kibble! This is crazy!!
She has so much more energy, she's not staggering anymore, she seems
sooo happy, and I'm seeing FORMED POOP!! Nilla has not had firm,
formed stool in months!! I dont know how much weight she could
possibly put on in three days..but I can say that she definately
appears to be a bit more "filled out" then her previous "skeleton
like" self. I just wanted to share that with everyone. I'm keeping my
fingers crossed that the prednisone will continue to help her!!
I just wanted to ask one question about the kibble....
Since she has Insulinoma...I know NOT to give her anything with
sugar, does anyone know if Iams Kitten food (purple bag) contains
sugar? I'm asking because i keep a constant supply in the food dish
for my other two ferrets and I've noticed Nilla's interest in the
kibble again. When I buy a new bag..I transfer it into a air tight
container and throw away the I cant check the ingredients
right now.I'm hoping it's ok for her to ferrets are
extremely picky eaters and will not tolerate anything but the
Iams..i've tried every "ferret" food out there...and they'd rather
starve then eat something different. I'd hate to have to take the
food out or change it for the sake of Nilla. The other's would
definately get upset!
Any info would be grately appreciated!

Amber, Nilla, Ferris, and Rikki