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Date: 2001-08-29 10:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Stomatitis? Vets please (or anybody who can help)

Hi Ulrike,

I can't answer for whether ferrets get stomatitis, but I can say that
the symptoms you describe sure do sound like it. I have a cat that
was diagnosed with it at 9 months old, very young for that diagnosis
I'm told. He receives cortisone injections whenever he has flare-ups.
It may interest you to know that the cat is now turning 11 yrs old.
You may want to talk to your vet about trying a course of prednisone
to see what happens.

Hopefully someone will know for certain if stomatitis happens in

Best of luck!

Anastasia Kidd

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Ulrike" <ferretlove@n...> wrote:
> Hi there
> Can ferrets get stomatitis? I've got one ferret with a bad mouth
> antibiotics don't really help (he gets Synulox), his mouth gets all
red all
> over and his gums are very swollen. He had a dental on the 17th of
July so
> his teeth are clean and they weren't very dirty to begin with but
his gums
> were and still are very red and swollen, even though he's been on
> antibiotics twice. The antibiotics cleared the redness in his
mouth but
> didn't help with the red swollen gums at all. They also bleed
easily. Also
> there are 2 swellings at the back of his mouth on both sides which
he has
> always had. Does anybody have any idea what it could be and could
> cause the 3rd eyelid to come up? Because it's been up for a couple
> months, it covers about a third of his eyes, both eyes, on the one
side the
> eyelid is red as well and Spike looks just off colour and is pretty
> Thanks for any help.
> Ulrike
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