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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-08-29 13:30:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal problem?

From: "Bonnie Petit" <bonnie@t...>

I am new to this list, and wondering if anyone out there can offer advice.
WE lost our baby Rocks (actually 5 years old no longer a baby) to a tumor a
few months back, they said adrenal, however, he showed no other symptoms as
his fur that was falling out all grew back.

Now our last remaining ferret, Pebbles, who is 3 has a swollen vulva and we
are told, adrenal tumor / cushings. I have however read, that there are
blood tests etc you can do? We can't afford the $150 ultrasound never
mind the $450-$500 surgery and have found no options, Can anyone offer

Thanks so much.

Bonnie Petit


a ferret can have a dastardly adrenal tumor with little or no apparent symptoms. if your boy lost hair, it doesn't matter if the
hair grew back. adrenal will work in cycles and often critters will lose hair, then regrow. doesn't mean the disease has stopped,
just means it's cycling.

as for pebbles: if she has a swolen vulva, she needs to have surgery. i would skip the blood test and ultrasound; doc needs to get
in there and see what's up. adrenal is the most likely possibility in a spayed female, although she could have an ovarian remnan
that's causing trouble. either way surgery is the treatment. another option is lupron, but lupron treats symptoms only, so surgery
is the choice in an otherwise healthy 3 year old female. as for affording it: first, where do you live? might be other qualified
vets in the area who charge less. however, if you can't afford $150 then i doubt you'll find surgery for an "affordable" price.
time to go talk with the vet about options. payment plan (if the practice can offer it - remember they're not a bank and can't
always offer a payment plan), which might even include you work around the practice - sort of like washing dishes if you can't pay
your dinner tab. cage cleaning, dog walking...anything and everything, it never hurts to ask. if at the end of the day your vet
isn't able to offer reduced cost or payment plan, time to save your pennies. you should have the surgery as soon as possible, but
even if you have to save for 3 months i'd still go for the surgery.