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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-08-29 13:19:00 UTC
Subject: lupron cost: update

recently someone mentioned a pharmacy in new hampshire is
offering lupron for $70. of course i figured too good to be
true...and it is!

dr. weiss' protocol of 4 month depot lupron, available through
professional arts pharmacy for about $200, is 2000 micrograms
or 2 mg.
the pharmacy in kansas that troy lynn mentioned is offering
1000 micrograms for $100, or 2000 micrograms for $200 (half
dose = half price).

the pharmacy in new hampshire is offering the 200 microgram
depot for $70. that's 10% of dr. weiss recommended dose for
only 1/3 the cost - not a good value at all!

PLUS: when i spoke to the pharmacy, they checked in with
their local vet who is using the 200 microgram dose. he
reports 60% resolution with the 200 microgram dose - which is
LOW! dr. weiss reports 100% resolution with the 2000 microgram
dose in the article on his web page.

unfortunately this pharmacy certainly isn't beating the prices
of the other two pharmacies mentioned and that 60% success
rate doesn't impress me one bit. certainly i wouldn't be
willing to try a low dose on a male with prostate troubles,
where time may well be of the essense.