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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-08-29 13:26:00 UTC
Subject: re: adrenal problems

quoting Mike:
"Skip the ultrasound, it's a waste of money in the case of adrenal
disease. If the symptoms are there, 99% of the time that's more than
enough to go on to decide it's time for surgery.

But as someone else here said, if you can't afford $150 or so,
surgery will cost at least that much no matter where you go. Lupron,
which is excellent at treating the symptoms but does nothing for the
disease, is pretty expensive too.

The only other option would be Melatonin, which is relatively cheap.
Do a search of the archives here for melatonin and you'll find it
discussed plenty of times.

Adrenal disease is rarely an emergency, so you could save up for a
few months and get the surgery done. That would be the best way to

have to disagree with adrenal rarely being an emergency. this year alone i have had half a dozen life saving adrenal surgeries for
guest critters. you just never know how developed the tumor is or the tumors are and certainly cannot gauge by symptoms.

fortunately it's not as common to have SERIOUS trouble in there and if the swelling just started i might be ok with waiting a couple
of months, but that's about it.