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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-29 19:51:00 UTC
Subject: re: adrenal problems

Moreferrets wrote:

>have to disagree with adrenal rarely being an emergency. this year
>alone i have had half a dozen life saving adrenal surgeries for
>guest critters. you just never know how developed the tumor is or
>the tumors are and certainly cannot gauge by symptoms.

LOL! Here I am having agreed with Mike already. All that I can say
is that personal experiences vary. In 19 years we have had TWO
ferrets for whom rapid response was essential or would have been
essential. One of those was a darling boy with lymphoma many years
ago when there just was not much available in way of ferret health
care. (Folks now-a-days are so LUCKY to have health options.) The
other was a five year old girl who smelled WRONG so we insisted that
she be gone into fast and there was a malignancy which was totally
cured by surgery so that she went on to have another 3 and 1/2 years
of life. The others we've had with adrenal growths all could have
waited. Personal experiences do vary, though, as do ferrets, and we
all have to take that into account.

>fortunately it's not as common to have SERIOUS trouble in there and
>if the swelling just started i might be ok with waiting a couple
>of months, but that's about it.