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Date: 2001-08-30 13:07:00 UTC
Subject: Request for help with post-bilateral adrenal bloodwork

I have a ferret, ~5yrs MF male albino, who had bilateral adrenal
surgery on Wednesday 8/22. There is no question that both glands were
removed in their entirety. The vena cava split lengthwise during the
surgery (like it was paper I was told), but was resected, thus
allowing the entire gland to be removed. (The ferret, who was dead
but came back despite massive blood loss, has recovered beyond all
expectations and has been renamed Phoenix!)

On Tuesday 8/28, the ferret showed signs of crashing (inappetence and
dehydration) and was begun on prednisone (1.25mg 2x daily) and given
15cc sub-q ringers lactate. On Wednesday 8/29, one week after
surgery, blood was taken. The results are below. This is my vet's
first case to crash post surgery. We are trying the ferret on only
prednisone for the moment in hopes no other meds are needed. (Is
florinef/percorten *always* required?- my question)

To note, the ferret is doing amazingly thus far. He has pinked up
nicely after losing so much blood. This morning, Thursday 8/30, he
was doing wardances now that the staples are out (ie: no lethargy
here!). He is drinking well and, with the advent of the pred, is now
eating kibble on his own. Poop and pee are looking perfectly normal
now that he's eating.

Here are the blood results as returned by the lab. We welcome any and
all comments, especially those from vets and from those with
experience with ferrets needing supplementation. Note that the ferret
had had only 2 doses of pred at the time of the blood draw and 15cc
of ringers was given once the night before only.

TEST: Cortisol <0.2(L) ug/dl range: 1.0-4.5 (verified by repeat

TEST: Superchem
Glucose 123(H) MG/DL range: 80-120 **
Urea Nitrogen 65(H) MG/DL range: 10-33 **
Creatinine 1.2(H) MG/DL range: 0.2-0.8 **
Total Protein 6.4 G/DL range: 5.5-7.6
Albumin 3.6 G/DL range: 2.4-4.5
Bilirubin, Total 0.1 MG/DL range: 0.0-1.0
Alkaline Posphatase <3(L) U/L range: 15-45 **
ALT(SGPT) 69 U/L range: 10-280
AST(SGOT) 55 U/L range: 50-280
Lactic Dehydrogenase 410 U/L range: 101-498
Cholesterol 192 MG/DL range: 60-300
Calcium 9.8 MG/DL range: 7.7-11.0
Phosphorous 8.5 MG/DL range: 4.2-8.5
Sodium 149 MEQ/L range: 140-160
Potassium 5.7 MEQ/L range: 4.3-5.8
Chloride 104 MEQ/L range: 90-110
A/G 1.3 Ratio range: 1.0-2.3
BUN/Creatinine 54 Ration range: none given
Globulin 2.8(L) G/DL range: 2.9-4.9 **
Hemolysis 1+
Lipase 569 U/L range: none given
Amylase 16 U/L range: none given
Triglycerides 131(H) MG/DL range: 31-101 **
CPK 358 U/L range: none given
GGTP <5 U/L range: none given
Magnesium 3.2 MEQ/L range: none given
Osmolality, Calculated 318 MOSM/L range: none given

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

Anastasia Kidd