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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-08-30 21:53:00 UTC
Subject: Proglycem pros and cons?

Well, Amelia just had her regular glucose check, and it was pretty low, 54.
We are increasing her pred to 1.0mg twice per day (previous dose was 0.75mg
2xday). I will be talking to my vet about proglycem/diazoxide when she
comes back from vacation on Tuesday (she mentioned proglycem in her phone
message to me, she knows her ferret stuff), but I thought I would ask here
as well-- have those of you who have used proglycem found it effective?
Right now I'm not thinking about the cost at all, but rather whether it
would give Amelia more quality time. After reading the miamiferret
insulinoma information, which seems a little skeptical about proglycem, I'm
concerned about the side effects mentioned (nausea, vomiting). How
commonplace are those side effects? A vomiting ferret is not a very happy
ferret, in my experience-- does the effect tend to be severe enough to
interfere with the ferret's enjoyment of life? If you can quantify such a
thing, would those of you who have used proglycem say it was worth it (and I
am not talking about money here, just in the effect it has on the ferret)?

If people want to email me off-list, I'd be happy to summarize what people
tell me about their experiences with proglycem and post the summary to the

As a side note, Amelia weighs around 900g, so while she could take a higher
dosage of pred, this latest glucose reading makes it look like pred is
starting to lose its effect on her. She's been on it for about 9 months,
0.5mg for the first six months, 0.75mg for the next three. When we
increased her dosage to 0.75mg, there was an immediate increase in her
activity levels, so hopefully we'll see that with this new dosage increase.
Her appetite has remained hearty throughout, thankfully.


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