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From: meesh meesh
Date: 2001-08-31 00:21:00 UTC
Subject: meesh: Mighty Mouse/Update

Hi everyone,
It's very late (after midnight) and I definately
need some sleep - emotionally exhausted from the last
few days but I wanted to let you know that there is
good news and bad news with Mighty Mouse (and some as
yet unknown news)
Good news is she has responded to the aggressive
"ulcer" therapy and is now eating without grinding her
teeth and even ate kibble today (she likes the Zupreem
I got at the Buckeye bash for free!! :))
Bad news is:
1. She has pulmonary edema from her Aortic
Insufficiency. What makes this worse is that she
already has compromised kidney (singular - only has
one) function and lasix, which she needs, and got,
will only further damage the kidney - she is already
azotemic (above normal creatinine and BUN which means
75% of the kidney is not functioning)
2. She had fine needle aspirates of her liver with
cytology and aspirates of the abdominal effusion.
There is suggestion of round cell or hematopoietic
neoplasm (only suggestion - needs biopsy on report),
and something else which needs a biopsy to clarify
3. biopsy will be read tom. or sat. I hope and will
let you all know then

At least for now, she is feeling better with the lasix
and "ulcer" maybe I can sleep tonight.

I will keep you all posted
If anyone knows any pathologists who are
"ferret-minded" and might like a copy of what I expect
to be an interesting report, let me know. I'll post
the report for everyone when I get it.

Hugs and ferret kisses to everyone: fuzzy and
not-so-fuzzy :)

Michaela Maurice
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ohio State University
Class of 2002

*** If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams,
and endeavours to lead a life which they have imagined,
They will meet a success unexpected in common hours.
Henry David Thoreau ***

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