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From: katharine
Date: 2001-08-31 08:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Spraying Ferret????

Sharon B. wrote:
<This lady swears that this 9 week old male kit is
spraying. Is that even possible? Now she isn't
talking about poofing.<

I'm certain she IS talking about poofing. She
probably has never been around a ferret with
intact anal glands. Champ and Blaze were both
intact when I got them. They poofed all over the
place (several times a day) for quite a while
until they settled into their new home. I got
them at about 7 weeks of age. They would
occasionally poof after they were older, maybe
every few months. Emma poofs all the time too.
She's only been here for about 3 1/2 months and
was spayed about 3 months ago. She too will
decrease her poofing (I hope) over time.

Having the kit fixed is NOT going to help this
problem. She needs to understand the difference
between de-sexing and scent glands. I would
explain to her that the "spraying" will decrease
significantly as he gets older and will nearly
disappear over time. I'm afraid she will have him
neutered and the problem will still be there.
What then?

As for age when she has him neutered, I think it
is generally agreed that older is better. As far
as a quicker healing time and less complications,
I doubt it. I would appeal to her to let him
mature some more before having him fixed. If she
is still bothered by his poofing/spraying at that
time, then she should ask the vet to remove his
scent glands at the same time.

The occasional poofing doesn't really bother me
but I know some people have more sensitive noses
than I do.