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Date: 2001-08-31 08:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: New to the group (long)

Coughing can also be related to a blockage in the intensinal tract. The
fact that they are both experiencing this - that is probably too much
of a coincidence. However, I would make sure that there bowel movements
are normal and also giving them some sort of hairball remedy (such as
laxatone) on a regular basis is also a good idea.

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> I have two ferrets, both about two years old. A couple weeks ago I
> noticed that they started to cough. At first I thought that it was
> due to a temp change ~ it had gotten colder than usual lately and
> they were by a window that we keep open in the summer. So I moved
> them to a different room where the temps would be more constant.
> The coughing continued. Last week I posted on a ferret forum asking
> if the pine in their cage could be causing them to cough. I was told
> that it was, so I removed the pine that night and washed out the
> bottom of their cage. Also, over the weekend I gave them both a bath
> with their ferret shampoo. Their coughing decreased, but is still
> there.