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From: Michelle D.
Date: 2001-08-30 12:56:57 UTC
Subject: Ferret Distemper Vaccine

Oh boy, have I ever! Before I get into that though, I just realized that I
haven't officially introduced myself to the list - how rude of me! My mane
is Michelle and I have 2 ferrets. Salem is an itsy bitsy (1.2 lbs at best)
MF silver mitt who will be 4 in November. I lovingly refer to her as "Salem
the Destructor" or my ADD child. She is a cartoon character. I got Boris
when Salem was 2 at a ferret show from a breeder who was downsizing. His
name was Black Wolf when I got him, but being a VERY chunky bulldog "Boris"
just seemed to fit better. Boris just turned 4 in March and is a total
mommas boy. Neither have had any serious health problems (knock on wood).
Back to the original question... Yes I have had that happen. When I took the
squeezels in for their yearly just before easter of this year, Salem had a
TERRIBLE reaction. Throwing up, wouldn't move, wouldn't eat, you name it. I
had never been so scared. This is the "spaz" weasel, she doesn't know how to
sit still and she couldn't even lift her little head. Of course I was a
mess, it's still hard for me to think about (I'm a sap). She was on benedryl
for about 2 weeks after. It took her at least 4 days to walk across the room
unassisted. My mother came to my place to give her her medicine and take
care of her while I was at work. Originally my vet decided that we would
load her up on benedryl a few days before her next yearly, then changed her
mind. She doesn't want to give the shot to Salem at all... I'm with her on
that one! Boris is so huge, he is really a non-issue. I don't have a fear
that this will happen to him.

- Michelle

Message: 8

We have ten fuzzies. Of the ten, three have had anaphylactic shock
reaction to the ferret distemper vaccine Fervac. So hard to watch.
It makes me wonder if others have had a similar problem? Anyone?

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