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Date: 2001-08-31 10:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Spraying Ferret????

My Opinion a nine week old ferret is not ready to be spayed! Having a ferret
spayed will not keep a ferret from poofing! The only way you can get a
ferret to stop poofing is having it's anal glands removed! All ferrets smell
different when they poof, some are not that bad others can be really stink!
It doesn't last that long and I think, because of the many problems that I
have heard of after having it done, I would choose not to have it done! I
have 34 ferrets at my house, half are ferrets that came from breeders and the
other half are from "Marshall Farms" which had of course been fixed when they
left there. Unless you knew which ones were from breeders and which ones
came from Marshall farm you would not know by their smell which were fixed
and which weren't. All my breeder ferrets were spayed and neutered at around
a year old.

My opinion the reason for getting a ferret from a breeder instead of a
petstore is so you can have them neutuered, spayed when they are mature!
Only time will tell in my house if the "Marshall Farms" ferrets come down
with adrenal before the breeder ferrets do. Right now one of my first
breeder ferrets I got 5 years ago has come down with Adrenal. I had Cinnamon
Bear neutered at 10 months old. He is never in artifical light, has the best
of Ferret Food. Is spoiled rotten has plenty of time outside of his cage.
Has wonderful ferret friends. Has very little stress in his life. Even
with the best he still has developed adrenal problems! I just wish we could
figure out why ferrets come down with adrenal and insulinoma problems. My
cats and dogs have always lived to a ripe old age and died of old age.

Charleen Schuster
and the Wa. tails.
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