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Date: 2001-08-31 12:15:00 UTC
Subject: Digest Number 366 RE ADREANL DZ.

If you review the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine from
last year you
will find an article that was published by a group from Europe that
Statistically evaluated the incidence of adrenal disease in ferrets
in their
country verus the incidence reported in the same journal from 1981.
conclusion based upon their study was that was no greater incidence
adrenal disease in European ferrets Vs the US ferrets, and the age
neutering and onset of disease was no different -there for the only
difference was that European ferrets are neutered later in life and
develop the disease later in the animals life but still the same
amount of
time after neutering, If you have ever smelled an unneutered ferret
you can
understand why it is considered a benefit to neuter at an early age.

Benjamin A. Otten, DVM
Practice Limited to
Avian and Exotic Pets