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From: katharine
Date: 2001-08-31 17:00:00 UTC
Subject: re: adrenals

Alicia wrote:
<Quite a while agio I tried to alert folks to
this-oOt being sold at 6 weeks
of age.

In the early 90's pet shop demand grew on the pet
industry for ferrets
Marshall's was then pushing the 6 week kit thus
the altering is done about
4.5 weeks of age to get them into the petshops--
now the scary thing is we
all have seen the 4.5 kit in the pet shops with
milk teeth which means they
were altered about 3.5 weeks of age-- to ship to
distributor to ship into
pet shops and the stress involved???? see an
interesting picture here?<

My Champ blew all of the early neuter/adrenal
theories. He was my youngest to develop adrenal
disease and was not neutered until he was > 6
months old. Then, he had adrenal disease again,
then he had renal failure, then he had congestive
heart failure.........all within his short 4 years
and 2 month life <sigh>.