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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-31 18:56:00 UTC
Subject: Do your ferrets have stress-busters at the vet's?

I figure that if we share some then they might be tried with other
ferrets and help them, too.

Our guys get hugs and treats.

Many go into our shirts. Some just stay there. Some have to poke
out the bottoms (slippy-slidey), some have to stick their heads out
neckholes, and some prefer to slip heads between buttons.

Have had one who liked to show-off her nose-blowing-in-handkerchief
and it looks like we've got another performer now in Sherman with
"lie down, roll over" and "Where's tail?" (walking in a circle
pointing to his little stump).

Ashling likes to put her hands in our mouths. (No, I don't know why
but she has done it when nervous for years now and will leave them in
there for over a half hour at times during a wait, or switch partners
and immediately insert her hands.)