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From: tansy
Date: 2001-09-01 03:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Fur loss on tail only

> Hello Friends-
> I have a 1 year old male who appears very healthy, however, he is
> a "rat tail". Jack has always had a beautiful coat, which he still does
> despite his tail.

After being owned by ferrets for ummm...., yikes 15 years now, I have found
that in nonadrenal ferrets this is almost always caused by ear mites. They
get on their tails and leave deposits that look like blackheads. I generally
treat by treating their ears and also putting a couple of drops of
ivermectin on their tails also. Generally works like a charm.

> Should he be brought in for a TN pattern????
Not yet.
> Is every coat change different??
Yes, slightly.

>Would the time of the shed change with each
> year?
Partially dependent on the weather.

>I have had him and his 4 buddies for about a year, and I have done my
> homework on my ferrets, but maybe I am at a loss on some of the nuances of
> ferreting, can someone offer their experiences to me???
> Thanks! & Best Wishes to All!
Welcome to email me off list if I can answer any other questions.

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