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Date: 2001-09-01 09:51:00 UTC
Subject: fur loss on tail and hind foot/leg

Hi everyone,

I've been a bit out of touch so havent seen the posts recently so
hope I'm not rehashing any questions. My one ferret Sniper just
recently recovered from surgery. He had a foreign object removed from
the stomach and his left adrenal gland removed. The left adrenal had
not yet metastized(sp?) but was on the verge according to biopsy and
vet's opinion. He has recovered well and has gained wieght back and
is very active and healthy except for fur loss on his tail and one of
his hind feet/leg. I've noticed on his tail that there are some
reddish brown spots as well, no blackheads so I don't think its
rattail. Anyway my question is could his right adrenal be acting up
even though a month ago it looked normal or is something else going
on here? Again he is very active and stools are normal. I don't think
its allergies as I havent changed any food or detergent or the like.
My other two ferts are healthy with no similiar signs. Please feel
free to email me with any advice/help on this. Thanks in advance

Levelor- the lover
Yeti- the aquatice artic tundra beast
Sniper-"I want a Yeti snack"