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From: Caitlyn M. Martin
Date: 2001-09-01 10:58:00 UTC
Subject: Imrab reactions ( was Re: Ferret Distemper Vaccine_

On Sat, 1 Sep 2001 02:33:26 -0400
"tansy" <tansyhl@y...> wrote:

> > I sure wish there was something else out there (rabies doesn't seem to
> > have the same reactions)
> Oh yes, it can. I have had several have anaphylactic reactions to Imrab. One
> was memorable because he got it in a vaccination clinic at a show, went into
> anaphylaxis, including projectile vomiting, and still had a temperature of
> close to 106 that night.

It *does* happen. My Nyssa went into shock (the vet's words) after an Imrab
rabies vaccine last year. Her reaction was life threatening.