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From: Lisa Ferret mom
Date: 2001-09-01 20:03:00 UTC
Subject: Drinking Urine

About two weeks ago you might remember my post on our
ferret Stinky's mysterious illness and spleen injury.
He is doing very well and is having his stitches
removed Tuesday morning. Since his surgery I have
noticed that he has been drinking his urine. At first
I thought he was doing this when I was giving him is
meds to get the taste from his mouth, so I would have
the meds in one had and the water bottle ready in the
other to try to discourage him.

Until this afternoon I thought I had stopped him from
doing this. When we came home he urinated on the
floor of the cage (right next to the litter box in his
area), and proceeded to turn around and start drinking
it. He had not had his meds in about 10-11 hrs, so I
highly doubt that is the cause. Have any of you ever
seen this? Should I be concerned or just grossed out?
It does not seem like a healthy habit. We do go back
to the vet Tuesday, so if this is something health
related I will be sure to address this with him then.
I am just concerned that there is something more I
should be doing now.

Thank you!

Trickster (Stinky), Pepper, Mitsy and Pristine

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