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From: estellejackson
Date: 2001-09-01 20:34:00 UTC
Subject: Spindle cell tumours again!

I wrote to the list 2 to 3 months ago re. my 2 year old
He had had 3 or 4 tumours removed that had come back as
"undiferentiated spindle cell sarcomas". The labs do not think
they are related to each other but I am convinced that they
are + that it may have something to do with damaged (scarred)
tissue due to a hot water scald some months ago.
I have spoken to the lab + the best that they can offer is
that they may have arisen from fibroblasts, Schwann cells or
nerve sheath connective tissue cells. Considering this I think
that the water scald could have damaged the nerve tissues
somewhat resulting in these tumours.(Though the lab say's
there is no evidence of previous inflammation or scar tissue)
They are offering no advice other than to keep removing them.
My ferret (Zorro) had his seventh tumour removed 3 weeks ago
and already another is growing. My vet is now clutching at
straws and has suggested trying pred (not sure what dose to
try, ?either 1.25mg daily or 2.5mg daily) Would this be likely
to supress the existing tumour as it is still v.small or would
I be better to have this removed first + then start some
Preds? I don't know which way to turn at the moment and I am
considering sending another sample to a different lab to see
if they come up with any difference in diagnosis. Any ideas

Sick of tearing my hair out and shaving my ferrets hair off!