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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-01 21:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Digest Number 367 - DISTEMPER

How many people don't vaccinate their ferrets and have had
them die of distemper? How many people had ferrets with
live, and how many have lost a ferret as a result of a vaccine
These are better questions.

I know of someone who lost three ferrets to distemper-
now, does that mean that they need shots every year,
I doubt it but until some company will do a study to prove
how long the immunity lasts from the vaccine, or I have
more money to draw titers every year, I will stick with the

Of course, I haven't had a ferret react yet either, so maybe
I will change my mind when it happens. I have 11 ferrets,
and owned ferret for 9 years, but 2 for 6 years, and 2 for 1
year, and the
other ferrets are newbies- not young, just new to me.

As far as rabies, it seems useless, but it is needed in some
states to save the ferret from unecessary risk of being
put down were it to bite someone. I don't let strangers
around my ferret, but still it is required,and if I need to
or the ferret stays overnight at the vet I think I need the
to be up to date:(

If I don't vaccinate and I have 10 ferrets and only one gets
exposed and gets distemper I lose all my guys, i couldn't
forgive myself. Until there is proof that vaccines are doing
some harm, not just conjecture, I will stick with the shots.




Here's an interesting Idea;

How many people on the list have had ferret's die of

How many have ferrets who react to the vaccine?

I think for an indoor ferret that is not exposed to "new"
ferrets (ie pet
shows, play groups, neighbors ferrets) the risk would be
very low.

Virus on shoes, ect, - try having a separate place to take
off street shoes
ect that the
ferret would not exposed. I know in New England this was
very easy because
we all had mud rooms for that extra season that occurred 5
weeks out of the
year between winter and spring - ie "mud season"

additionally adult ferrets that have been vaccinated numbers
of times may
have longer lasting immunity. [ie do you get vaccinated for
measles every

Ok ya and rabies ....

How many ferrets are diagnosed with rabies virus every year?

Benjamin A. Otten, DVM
Practice Limited to
Avian and Exotic Pets