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From: tansy
Date: 2001-09-01 21:55:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] QT NEEDS HELP

She went 10 hours yesterday without food & I couldn't stand it any
> longer & fed her.
> She took 3tbsp. I have been feeding her since, every 4 hours. She did
> not touch any of
> the dry food she had nearby.
Keep feeding her! You need a more knowldegable ferret vet if possible. Or
one of the wonderful vets on the list would talk to him...Ferrets need much
more than
you are giving her to survive. Try and give her MORE not less...

> But it sounds to me like QT may have to go for an
> exploratory.
The two things I think of when I read this are pneumonia and a blockage. Are
her poops completely normal?
I would keep her on the baytril. Also, have you tried benadryl? If it is an
allergy or respiratory infection that should stop it...the down side is if
it's pneumonia that is NOT what you want to do... A better choice might be
yellow Triaminic (the kind with guaifenisen and pseudophedrine ONLY). About
1/4 cc if it is a respiratory infection should help.

> My vet has given
> up & although I think he is a super vet, I am not sure he will want me
> telling him what could be wrong & I hate to say this.
I am sorry, but he's not. He might be a nice guy, but clearly is clueless
concerning ferrets. They HAVE to eat every 6 hours!

He says we have had
> every test she could have & everything is suppose to be normal, but her
> tummy is bigger she is still gaining weight. I don't know what to do for
> her croup sound or for the sinus sound & I sure don't know what to do for
> the weight gain. I cannot let her go hungry & feed her only if she starts
> to look gaunt.
Good for you!

He said that as far as an exploratory is concerned if there
> were anything wrong it would have showed up on the ultrasound so no need
> go in & look. I guess I agree with that.
No, no, no. Ultrasounds are notoriously poor at seeing anything with
ferrets, which is one reason I think you may be dealing with a blockage.

Also I don't know what kind of
> food would be low calorie, if she should have that or keep feeding her
A/D if fine. If she is gaining weight it's from some pathology, not

> All I have been doing is crying for her. At times she struggles to
> Vet said could be due to fat pushing against lungs etc. We need help.
> Sincerely,
> Lynn & Clan War Weasels
Hope some of these ideas may help. Good luck!!! And get a different vet!
(dont forget to pick up her tests from the old one and bring to new one).

One time I drove a ferret from NJ to Virginia to see Dr. Kawaski on Memorial
Day weekend. (It saved his life)People thought I was nuts, but even if you
have to drive a couple hours from where you are to get a good ferret
knowledgable vet it will be worth it in the long run.