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From: Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter
Date: 2001-09-02 00:54:00 UTC
Subject: Loss of use of hind legs

Hi Folks!

Well our poster child for an abused, spiteful, human biting ferret turned to
a cuddler is a puzzle now. (Yeah, I mean Sidney)

All day yesterday, he was fine, I saw him waddling across the living room
about 10:30 PM, just fine, around midnight, he is dragging his hind end,
trying to use the right rear, but failing.

Off to the emergency clinic, and x rays. Which so nothing, no damage to the
spinal column, no damage to the legs, nothing, heck they look like perfect

He is in no pain, poops and unfortunately now, urinates and gets it allover

He was given an injection of pred last night, and this morning the regular
vet gave him a "slow" release shot of a steroid.

He hasn't been anywhere anything could have fallen on him, he hasn't eaten
anything he shouldn't have, he hasn't fallen off anything, the two vets are
stumped. One has gone as far as to suggest some how he may have had discs
that finally deteriorated, or maybe a stroke. I thought they didn't have
strokes, and wouldn't disc damage show on an x-ray?

What other things should they be looking for? What other things can be
done? Could he possibly recover?

I am going back to the vet Tuesday evening. I'd like to have as many
suggestions or ideas as possible.

Thanks all!

Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter
Cleveland, Ohio
Non Profit, 501 (c) (3)