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From: Steph
Date: 2001-09-02 06:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Question re: fat pads

Hi Tansy,
Thank you for your response. No matter where I looked I could
not seem to find out if the fat pads increased or decreased in
size. I knew that the lymph node itself could increase and
My vet is actually leaning towards a viral infection, with
occasional secondary bacterial infections. He was sick at the
beginning with a definite bacterial infection, as he had a
fever and his urine was cultured so he was on clavamox. This
time though there is no fever or anything else to point
towards a bacterial infection and because my vet believes it
is probably viral will not put him on antibiotics. He has had
problems since I got him 3 months ago. It is actually me who
is paranoid about Juvenile Lymphosarcome, as I lost 2 of my
last 3 ferrets to lymphosarcoma, one of them to the juvenile
form. My vet cannot tell me definitely that it is not that,
so that is why we are talking about the biopsy more to rule it
out. When Shakespeare had it only one lymph node in his
abdomen was slightly inflamed. The only sign that he had
shown to begin with was mild diaherea and passed away within 3
Take care, Steph
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From: tansy
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2001 10:38 PM

Steph, it sounds like Mikey has an infection. What
antibiotics do you have him on? Ferrets get notoriously
large lymph nodes when they have infections, so I would not
be concerned about it or do a biopsy until the infection(s)
have been under control for at least a few weeks.

Fat pads do increase and decrease in size, and are often
mistaken for enlarged lymph nodes by non-ferret knowledgable

I think you need to concentrate on the infection, and not
worry about the lymph nodes. Of course, if there is a
possibility of lymphoma then you do need a biopsy, but a
needle aspirate should work. If they are just getting fat
then they are probably biopsying a fat pad and not a lymph

Just as an fyi to the list, I have been treating my ferret
Ariel who was diagnosed with Lympho (through a needle
aspirate) about 2 months ago with .2 cc of Dexamethasone
every other day, and 8cc of Essiac bid. He has a large
abdominal mass, but so far he is holding his own, still
eating his crunchies as well as some soup with his Essiac.
Having gone the chemo route several times, I am really
thrilled with how well he's doing on this "low tech"
approach. I know it won't last, but it's a blessing just to
see him content and comfortable for now.

Good luck Steph!


I brought Mikey to the clinic today. The swelling in his
neck has gone down a bit, but you can still definitely
feel his lymph nodes, both there and else where in his
body. His tonsils also appear to be inflamed. He has
diaherea, but I think that is mainly due to the fact that
I have not been able to get more than A/D and baby food
into him. He also has lost 0 .1 of a pound. Blood was
taken and his stool was sent off as a precaution, due to
the fact that it was mucusy.
My question is do fat pads come and go? About 2 months
ago all of Mikey's lymph nodes down one side of his body
were enlarged. A fine needle biopsy was taken, but it was
just fat. Depending on what the bloodwork comes back as
Mikey will be knocked out to do a full biopsy .
Thank you,
Steph and Mikey

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