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From: Pam Sessoms
Date: 2001-02-21 02:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Chordoma (and delurk)

> Here's a great question! What else could it be? Anyone?

As someone else said, could be a chondrosarcoma but those are really
unusual and if memory serves, sometimes pathologists used to mistakenly
say that chordomas were chondrosarcomas before there was much familiarity
with ferret tissue...

I don't have it with me to double-check, but I think that Karen Purcell's
book has a picture of a mast cell tumor that just so happens to be on the
tip of the tail, and to my non-vet-eye it looked a lot like a chordoma.
More ulcerated than most, but it had that club-type of look to it. The
picture captions are on a separate page from the pictures, and I was
really surprised at that one! (Mast cell would also be a less urgent kind
of thing as these have always been benign in ferrets....)

My ferret Willard had a chordoma waaaaay down low near the base of his
tail - an odd location, but he was an odd boy! *g* They're usually at the
tip and occasionally up near the neck/shoulders (much worse prognosis) and
Willard's is the only one I've heard of being down that far. His entire
tail besides a little stub was amputated, and he looked *very* stylish
like that. I've kicked myself a million times for not photographing his
chordoma, but I do have a few "polar bear" pictures:

He was THE BEST ferret... I'll always miss him, but I have many happy
memories and his ashes stored in a little beanie baby polar bear. Makes
me smile.

Hey, I guess this is my de-lurk post! I'm Pam Sessoms from North
Carolina. My husband Eric and I currently have five ferrets in our house:

Sonic - 7 yrs - blind from retinal atrophy, has insulinoma, goes diabetic
on pred easily, currently doing VERY well after a lot of weird stuff. My

Sunny - 7 yrs - insulinoma, advanced dilated cardiomyopathy, doing
pretty well on her meds. A daddy's girl.

Mojo - 5 yrs - left adrenal removed last year with so far full cure,
"surprise" insulinoma found at time of surgery. Walks funny from a badly
healed rear leg fracture during kithood (he was found like that) and a
spinal cord injury. Gives me and our vet kisses, bites most everyone
else. Demented but very lovable. :)

Cricket - approx 5 yrs - rescue turned permanent family member. Probably
starting down Adrenal Road. Found as a stray and nearly died from bloody
diarrhea the night I took her in. Had every kind of diarrhea in the book
for two months and is finally OK.

Bear - less than 1 yr - a stray I took in two weeks ago, will not be a
permanent stay. VERY healthy now that he's got his weight back up, big
beautiful sable boy with lush fur. Hopefully going home this weekend with
a dear ferret friend who just lost her last one the day Bear came into my

I'm very interested in ferret medical stuff and very excited about this
list! Thanks Christopher!

-Pam S.