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From: Katherine Kingsbury
Date: 2001-09-02 13:06:00 UTC
Subject: distemper is ferrets

I have seen one probable case of distemper in a ferret
in the last four years of working at an animal
hospital. However, the ferret was not tested. I have
only seen one confirmed case of distemper in a dog in
that same time period, but recently have had a few
other cases came in that the vet suspected distemper
but the owners elected not to test.

We have yet to see a confirmed rabies case in our
clinic (although rabies has been confirmed less than
forty miles away, so it's coming...).

I personally vaccinate my ferrets because of my
exposure to many stray dogs. I had one minor reaction
in one of my fuzzies last year, so we'll see how it
goes this year.


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