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From: tansy
Date: 2001-09-02 13:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] new owner

> I just brought my first ferret home yesterday. She is
3.5mo, and has had her
> first shots. When does she need the next ones and is
there a place I can get
> them online?
> James

Hi James! Good luck with the baby!
Ferrets need to be vaccinated against canine distemper,
and Rabies for their protection (ferrets almost never get
rabies but many states will kill unvaccinated ferrets if
they bite someone. This has unfortunately occurred even
with some nips from a kit.)

Distemper vaccine can be purchased on line from suppliers
such as Revival or Jeffers. Fervac-D is the only approved
vaccine for ferrets, but many of us use Galaxy-D because
we have had less difficulty with vaccination reactions.
There is a large problem with anaphylactic reactions in
ferrets with vaccinations. If you are going to vaccinate
at home you must have Benadryl, Epinephrine and
Dexamethasone on hand and be ready to use them. I also
strongly suggest pretreating with liquid Benadryl. If you
are not an experienced animal caregiver such as a breeder
I strongly suggest you let your vet do the vaccinations.
Distemper and Rabies should be done separately. If you
need the name of a ferret knowledgeable vet please check
the file on the website for this group, or ask here if you
don't see one there.

Rabies can only be given by a veterinarian in most states.

Hope this helps!


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