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From: Joanne D'Amico
Date: 2001-09-02 23:21:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Still Require Vet's Help ...

I am not a vet. However, I am reluctant to allow my ferrets to be
treated with anything as toxic as chloramphenicol, when equally good but
safer antibiotics are available. As to the vomiting - I am wondering if
it might be due to the chloramphenicol at this point, and could be
causing dehydration and an increase in the liver enzymes. Two things I
have come to rely on for my fuzzies, and which have worked very well,
are available at the health food store - Slippery Elm bark for the
stomach upset (1/8 capsule in 1 mL water 30 minutes before a meal) and
non-alcoholic extract of Milk Thistle (3 drops 2 X day in Duck Soup).
And yes, they sounded like herbal mumbo-jumbo to me too, when a vegan
ferret buddy recomended them to me, but they worked - on my six and
others. In fact, hospitals are using the Milk Thistle to treat liver
patients with poisoning and hepatitis now. Just remember - check with
your vet first, and these are meant to support current treatments, never
use them in place of a trip to the vet !!!