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From: Christopher Bennett
Date: 2001-09-03 05:04:00 UTC
Subject: FHL TERMS OF SERVICE - things to get you kicked off the

While there can be no mistake that I value each and everyone
of you. There is no way that this many people can all play
together without some sort of guideline. This list started on
Feb 17th at post #1 with a list of 6 very simple rules that
grew by early March into the 13 you see below... the official
terms of service.

I am personally seeing a few violate #4 (naming a vet or
clinic) and the "excessive signature" part of #5. Honestly, a
5 line sig on a three line message is excessive by just about
anyone's standard. Your message should always make up the
largest percentage of your post and should never be exceeded
by either the quoted material or the signature line. Which
brings us to number 11 (excessive quotation) and my personal
pet peeve is number 10. I don't understand why 10 is a
problem. A person wants their post read or they wouldn't post
it... Putting a subject on a post is just like putting a title
on a book We aren't seeing a lot of #10 lately I'm pleased to
say. One that isn't specifically covered here and should be
(I'll get to it eventually) is the "no advertising" rule. It
started with some discussion of who could and who couldn't
claim non-profit status and who should be responsible for
policing those who do and we realized rather quickly that this
isn't the forum for advertising.. non-profit or otherwise and
the simplest solution was to do away with all advertisements.

If you are moderated, don't argue with the moderator, just
make the change and spend that energy on what is really
important, FERRET HEALTH. It's not in the rules, but arguing
with the moderator will definitely wear out your welcome. As
the first page of the FHL has said from day one. "We reserve
the right to reject any post for no reason" so the moderator
doesn't HAVE to justify their decision. This has never been a
democracy in my eyes nor do I ever want it to become one. FHL
members are like very welcome guests in our moderators homes.
Any guest can make themselves unwelcome at a party and be
asked by the host or hostess to refrain from that activity or
leave... These rules were not just arbitrarily thrown
together and they have worked so well, for so many, for so
long that it is unlikely any one of them will be changed to
accommodate one person. Also, don't bother to point out others
who are getting away with something you feel is similar. All
moderation positions are filled, if they are indeed getting
away with something it's just a matter of time before they too
are moderated and I really doubt being a tattle-tale is why
you joined the list in the first place. Even so, the fact that
they are getting away with it isn't going to make it ok for
you to continue so why bother? That's just petty and will get
the response from me personally of "and if he jumps off a

Lastly, these rules are just guidelines. Any moderator's
opinion supercedes these rules and the fact that something
isn't specifically mentioned does not constitute a loophole
and open the moderation up to debate. We've in no way seen any
heavy handedness and our moderation team was very carefully
selected to ensure there would be none. My apologies to the
majority of you, for which this entire post was unnecessary.
Still it never hurts to make the rules known and I do ask that
everyone indulge me by reading through them once below.


The Ferret Health List Terms of Service March 2, 2001

Read this at least once, These things can get you banned from
the list!

These are the conditions for participation in the Ferret
Health List. By sending messages to "the Ferret Health List"
you explicitly agree to the following conditions regarding
original content written by you for distribution to the the
Ferret Health List:

1) Be kind to one another.

2) No flames! Disagree with an idea, but don't attack a
person. Nothing slanderous is going to get through so don't
bother. Race, creed, sexual orientation and religion have
nothing to do with keeping healthy ferrets healthy or treating
sick ferrets.

3) Personal issues are best handled in private email, keep it
off the list.

4) When questioning a particular course of treatment, or
asking about something your vet has suggested, do not mention
the vet or the clinic by name, just the specifics of the

5) This list is the property of the moderators, anything
posted to it becomes the property of the list. We reserve the
right to censor any post for no reason at all and may from
time to time edit submissions for the purpose of length or
clarity in a manner including but not limited to removing
excessive signatures, removing advertising, providing
appropriate subject lines, removing excessive quotes from
previously posted articles, and editing spelling and/or

6) The act of your submitting a post implicitly implies your
certification to us that you own or have release of rights for
all material submitted in the post. You agree to hold harmless
and unconditionally indemnify The Ferret Health List and the
list moderators against and from all liability, costs,
expenses, claims and damages which The Ferret Health List may
suffer or become liable from as a result of posting your
submission to the list. This includes but is not limited to
claims of copyright infringement or actionable defamation.
Submission of material to the list constitutes permission for
non-exclusive, perpetual rights for electronic distribution of
your material only in the form of archives, where your
material is part of the archive.

7) This is not consumer reports. Your opinion of various
breeding practices is welcome. Your opinion of a specific
breeder isn't. Ditto shelters, ferret owners and pet shops.

8) Cross-posting is allowed. Some of us are on multiple lists.
Some of us do well to stay up with one. Please do not
discourage anyone from cross-posting no matter how much you
hate scrolling through the same message on two lists. You are
denying some who are only on one
the opportunity of reading a post.

9) If you feel the need to moderate someone on the list.
Please address your post to and voice your
concerns freely. After all, the person who annoyed you isn't
at fault, we are the ones who allowed the post to go through.
If someone is annoying you off the list, contact me and I will
explain how to block unwanted email for your particular mail
client or contact your ISP. I will not even attempt to resolve
disputes other than advising you on the technicalities of
blocking email.

10) Make sure the subject line of your post reflects the
topic. A subject of "Question" or "Sick Ferret" is going to
get lost in the archives. A subject line of "How much
Prednisone is too much" or "Are these symptoms of Adrenal
Disease" will stand out and is more likely to catch one of
our vets attention and get a much faster answer.

11) Quote as little of the original post as is relevant. If
you are responding to someone, it is convenient to quote
enough of the original post as is necessary to remind the rest
of us what was said. It's not necessary to quote the whole
post. A good rule of thumb, the quoted post should never be
longer than your response.

12) This list seeks to be a resource for ferret health related
information. We define ferret health as including but not
limited to; medical, behavioral, nutritional and psychological
needs of ferrets. No list can replace the value of prompt,
hands on attention from a licensed professional. Your licensed
veterinarian should be your first line of defense for
safeguarding your ferrets health.

13) Be kind to one another.


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